It should be put in a book all the feeble, time worn excuses humans use to justify hunting. “Animals kill each other” “we have to control animal populations” “people are the top of the food chain” on and on ad nauseum. Same old, same old, same old! If they have to justify evil, evil can’t be justified. Animals kill because they are predators and must obtain food and nature made them the way they are to fulfill a niche in the ecosystem in which they reside. They do not have a supermarket with nicely packaged products, they must obtain life’s necessities on the hoof with tooth and claw not gun and bow! They do not hunt for entertainment or recreation or as a way to relieve stresses of everyday life. Although how watching an animal drop dead because you put a bullet or an arrow into a living creature can relieve stress tells something about the psychological mindset of someone that might be better left unsaid. What hunters, ALL HUNTERS, will not admit to is that killing is the reason they hunt. It is that act alone that drives them. They are the unevolved of the human species, the anachronistic throwbacks to their stone age relatives. Most times they look and dress as if they were modern humans but they are not. They merely have the veneer of modernity. The fact that they pose for pictures with their kills and take prizes from the dead bodies is further proof that their brains still reside in prehistory. Evolution simply left some behind and instead of trying to stamp out this aberrant behavior it is being encouraged by an industry of money making schemes from clothing to killing mechanisms such as bows and guns. They aren’t being told they are psychologically inferior. That is just completely out of the question! They are exercising their rights as a superior human being who has dominance over animals. Of course overlooking the fact that animals were on the planet long before the superior humans and thanks to their superiority, both these animal species (humans and the other animals) are on the way out!  i

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