Mankind worshipped the Sun as his God for untold thousands of years. Upon finding what constituted the sun’s inner workings Man shifted his worship to an Invisible Being who dwells in an inaccessible region of the cosmos which Man is not permitted to know or access. Man must worship this Being and knows that this Being’s all-seeing eye is focused on every human who abides on planet Earth and who is the sole judge of the quick and the dead. At the Being’s discretion the souls he has created will be joined in his heavenly home upon Man’s physical death or be cast into an abyss belonging to his former acolyte, now an arch enemy, known by many names but easily identified as the fallen angel. None have seen either of these cosmic mystical creatures, not in the entirety of the history of mankind. But Man gives unquestioning obeisence to the unseen, believing these Beings to be the god and also the fallen one of the universe. 

Wars and spilled blood and acts of unseemly terror from worship of the unseen throughout millennia are responsible for acts which are defined not by this Being’s contracts or in the Being’s written hand but transmitted to man through mystical means. Man then announces a requirement for the world to know the Being spoke demands in various ways and his wisdom was set into stone as in tablets given to a human upon a mountain of smoke.

Mankind has yet a proclivity which establishes that he must worship another invisible artifact, those are the lines on Earth’s environs defining countries and regions. Mankind must lay down their lives in defense of these demarcations should the need arise. Armies are dispatched to defend these boundaries and still other forces are deployed to steal them away from a weaker defending lot residing behind their likewise invisible barriers.

It becomes clear that the threads stitching the fabric of mankind’s beliefs are worship of the INVISIBLE and the shedding of blood in an effort to enforce what the Invisible Being demands them to believe. Credulity is given the lofty name: Faith! Faith will support a belief even though the object of veneration is invisible to human eyes.

When all is said and done Man is not responsible, because at the end of the story, as all humanity knows, the real world ruler after all, is this guy called the devil and “The devil made Man do it.”

It never occurs to humans, whose perceptivity is equal to an amoeba, that the universe is a duality, yin and yang, light and dark, which preserves balance. Human myths of invisible governing beings of good and evil arise from the cosmos’ balancing act of the duality principle. A planet like Earth, having the importance of a quantum quark, is an unlikely repository for cosmic truths.

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