The human race is a failed experiment! Of course it can’t be said that the entirety of the human race is a failure. There are many, many who know what’s going on, put themselves in danger, trying to show the rest of the world the reality of what is happening to this planet. They are the ones who stand “Far From The Madding Crowd”. Their numbers are increasing but still indifference and apathy, self indulgence and greed remain victorious in this struggle for the rescue of earth and it’s life forms and resources. The wanton waste and destruction that human beings subject the earth to makes for wonderment why life hasn’t disappeared long ago. There is a virus loose upon the planet and earth is being strangled. It seems the human race is an anachronistic (this might not even apply–what time period would they be assigned to) misplaced species on a planet where they do not seem fit into any niche. The human race has some peculiar traditions, many of which are harmful to Mother Nature and as noted by Hubert Reeves, an astrophysicist “Man worships an invisible God and destroys a visible Nature, seemingly unaware that the Nature he is destroying is the god he is worshipping”
 A photo journalist, being interviewed, was trying to document just one instance in the killing of a marine animal, explained how the animal was being dragged to the side of the boat and the animal locked eyes with him as a spear was put into its brain and he (the journalist) said he watched this creature’s soul leave its body. At that point this journalist was overcome and could no longer continue speaking. 

A large Ray with an imbedded hook was spotted by a diver who immediately began trying to remove the hook. The ray remained immobile during the procedure which was somewhat lengthy, and as the diver began stroking the creature, he became aware that this being was quite aware of the diver’s efforts to help in securing her release from pain. 

The human race continues believing that these animals (and all animals) are theirs to do with what they will, that they are nothing more than animated products put here on earth for human convenience, discounting the fact that animals predate humanity by millions of years.    

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