A HUNTER OFFERS REASONS TO HUNT EXCEPT ONE: HUNTING IS A KILLER – Don’t call it sport- sport does not require death for the loser
If you read the article in the attached link can you help but wonder at the cold-heartedness apparent in this idiot’s mindset? He derives PLEASURE from early morning forays seeking out MOTHERS with BABIES as targets to kill. He offers the usual cliches about why he kills. He doesn’t like to eat animals who are farm-raised , hormone filled etc. etc>(so quit eating them). He is a conservationist – don’t you realize killing is conservation? (Mother Nature has her own conservationists (they are called predator animals who maintain a balance among prey). He has determined himself as bean counter and decided there are just too many of whichever animal he proposes to kill (imbalance in nature is caused by human beings) His taxes pay for all sorts of nice things and if you weren’t a dolt you would know that.(taxes pay for more of what is creating imbalances). What it all comes down to is the fact that he LOVES to kill. It’s such a pleasure – that feeling of domination when he has the power to CAUSE A LIVING BEING TO FALL TO THE GROUND GASPING FOR ITS LAST BREATH. He can call hunting all the pretty names he wants but the reality is, it’s a mental aberration! Hunting is entertainment called DEATH FOR PLEASURE – a great flaw in the human race!


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