Indifferent instruments of death. They are convinced that they perform a vital function. People have a “squishy sentimentality about animals”. As a hunter upon being interviewed proclaimed “Every fiber of the human being has an inbred a desire for this activity and it should not be denied. And those who seem most critical are those furthest removed from nature. Don’t you realize animals die everyday in road accidents and by starvation.” Well hunter those exigencies are man made situations so look to your own species to assign blame. 
You, a hunter, are a self appointed angel of death, doing what you think is an estimable job of relieving animals of their lives, causes a puzzlement: It is the convoluted reasoning in trying to justify the illogical conclusions for killing. If the death of an animal was not a climactic reason for hunting, you would be satisfied to shoot with a camera and not a gun.
Shoot with precision to avoid undue suffering is your claim! Is that not the height of compassion to offer quarry a kind death. A KIND DEATH ITSELF IS AN OXYMORON. A contradiction in terms. Hunters are very adamant about their killing forays – nothing goes to waste …money goes to locals, taxes are paid, conservation implemented, ad nauseum! Why not fund the purchase of food (not dead animals) to locals and donate money? This sort of justification to gloss over killing is what they all do. They’re not actually interested in charitable pursuits for locals. When the day is done, if they haven’t accomplished killing something, it has been a waste of time. Please believe them when they say they love to commune with nature – as long as nature provides them with an animal to be killed! 
There will have to be a reboot in the way humans perceive animals……as their inferiors, as disposable objects! If not, animals will be and are disappearing. The human race will find their inferiors have led them to extinction’s brink because surviving in this world is not possible without earth’s first residents. 


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