A NEW REALITYThanks to the oceans no forest is safe. Every resource on the planet can be chopped down, dug up, overfished or otherwise killed and shipped via the oceans and this in turn pollutes and heats these waters.

China is the world’s largest importer of logs, billions of tons. How many thousands of years does this represent? The earth is considered just one large cookie jar that mankind is exploiting and robbing until what’s left are only crumbs. Everywhere Man goes giant footprints are left. Carbon emissions are heating the oceans causing melting of the polar icecaps which can be readily seen but the industrial complex responsible will deny it and governments allow them to go unchallenged.

Man is the only animal to foul his nest to satisfy greed. The melting of ice caps impairs the oceans’ ability to transfer heat back into space. Thousands of miles away the earth’s largest coral reef is dying due to temperature changes which impacts fish populations. What is the human race thinking? These few examples do not begin to describe the damages earth is undergoing. The damages and depletions described are not caused by nature or anything else……just one thing only……Man himself! Is the human race completely insane? Earth is a small …very SMALL planet …with finite resources. Finite meaning when they’re gone…there are no more! What then? Greed will win but the human race will lose……the only species ever on this planet to be the vector of its own extinction.

There is a colossus in Rio facing the ocean which to humans promises heavenly eternity, while below this statue is some of the filthiest water in the ocean. When mankind wakes from the dream of heavenly eternity they will find themselves not in heaven but a dead rock of their own making. We all know that is metaphorically speaking……there will be no humans left then to find themselves anywhere……Where? Extinction……like the rest of life they sent before themselves. Now isn’t that a thought. Extinct! Just like the insects sprayed and killed who pollinated and plowed and insured that earth remained a living organism and the animals killed, exploited and used and abused for greedy pursuits! Humans extinct! Imagine that? We’ll see how important Super Bowls, hunting trips, new cars, luxury goods, military readiness, satellites in the sky are as this new reality makes itself known.
                     If mankind disappeared from earth tomorrow

                     There is not an animal who would display much sorrow

                     If this came to pass wild animals would come from their niches

                     And happily exclaim “Are they gone?Those sons of bitches”

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