The condensation over the wing looked exactly like smoke. Emma kept her gaze on the cabin window and hadn’t made a move towards the food she was being served. “It is smoke” she said aloud! “I’m sorry Emma what did you say?” inquired the server, Lisa. “I see smoke and I’m not kidding, it’s coming from that wing! Look,” “Emma it’s not, really it’s not, it’s just heavy condensation, we’re flying low and the heat from the rainforest is rising, don’t bother your head about it.” There were only the two of them on this charter, Dan and herself, hawking their books in a sales junket south of the border, well, south of that really, to Brazil. The only way to get from here to there, over but definitely not through, the jungle rainforest was by charter so their publisher sprung for it. She and Danny were the co-authors of books that sold like there was hidden gold inside and that was the hidden meanings in ancient artifacts and sometimes writings of the indigenous people of the Amazon. Tell me when the world will end type stuff, people never get enough of it. Emma had desks, folders, drawers filled with notes, photos, articles, on this subject, enough to keep the two of them in business until retirement and the money would flow in for years beyond.
“Lisa! Tell me that is normal?” Fire was erupting from the wing and as Emma turned to look at Lisa the wing exploded, all too quickly to register in Emma’s brain but her last word was “DANNY!” Who then grabbed her hand. Everything flew through the cabin, dishes, magazines, a headset, smartphones, even Lisa who was lifted off her feet, followed by Danny, who had unbuckled, and both crashed through the cabin wall separating the cockpit. Emma was firmly seatbelt secured, although stunned or unconscious.  

She raised her head, she was still belted and seated, but the chair was no longer attached to the plane which was in a path of bright aluminum pieces in a small jungle clearing. A wall of green, more green than she could comprehend, greeted her. But the quiet, the QUIET was so loud it hurt her ears. Where was Dan?, Lisa? Mr. Dorian?the pilot? Are they in pieces too? Emma are you in pieces? Don’t get hysterical, Emma. They’re just lying in the wreckage, knocked out for sure, weren’t you? she consolingly reminded herself. When you’re thrown into the cockpit at the moment of impact that pretty much seals it for you and Emma was not long in finding this out. She was a walking contradiction from her discoveries but if she didn’t pull it together, she would have the same fate. 
A quick survey determined the jungle had sealed off any hope of signal for her cell phone, but she had noticed what seemed like a river before the crash, at least it was silvery and looked like a ribbon of water. A river means civilization. Her insides were jelly, she must start walking but where, and leaving Dan did not seem to compute at this moment. If she just rested her eyes and gathered her thoughts it would become clear and she knew this beyond a doubt. Returning to her chair she promised herself just a moment of rest to decide the plan and also resume a search for Danny’s St. Christopher’s medal, always around his neck but possibly torn off in the turmoil of the crash. A small golden disc, important to her, the only remembrance she would have. Her eyes closed and the Green permeated behind her lids.
The green of the jungle had been replaced as she bolted upright. There were two emeralds, glowing not a foot from her face, a jaguar gazed steadily and seemed not inclined to attack but beyond him was not the place she had closed her eyes upon to rest. There was noise, at first faintly thrumming but now more pronounced; animal sounds! The jungle was a wonderland of amazing plants, trees, and creatures, quite a few staring at her. “Please be welcome!” “Did this jaguar just say “Please be welcome?” ”

“I could have died, I think”. “No you have not died, you are in Bosque Incantado, where we, of the Amazon, have lived for two thousand human years. The people who were here were very contentious and it was necessary for them to be removed. Our presence is peaceful and we live in harmony, never to be known to human beings.” “Follow me” Jaguar advised, “and you will find what you seek.” “That’s a strange thing to say” she thought. “I’m seeking help.” “And you have found it” his reply seemed kind. “Bosque Incantado, once found, will reside in your soul for the rest of your days. It’s peace will be yours!” The emerald eyes seemed to melt into the forest.

A skiff made from a log waited and she climbed in. The river was as smooth as glass. As she bent for the oar, an object swung from her shirt, a small golden disk. 
There is a new book on the New York Times Best Seller List: “Bosque Incantado” A Jaguar with emerald eyes gazes from its cover.

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