Viejo was very old and an enchanted wood was home with stars for a roof and animals as friends,. They looked after him, showing him greenest greens and finest fruits, a squirrel was not dutiful unless his bounty was shared with Viejo. Wolves wrapped him in their soft fur in the chill of winter. He was of nature and nature lived within him. 
“I would like an answer to one more question Queen, then I’ll leave you be for this evening”. “Is that a promise?” replied the wolf who was in the middle of preening herself. “By the way Queen, where’s your husband this fair evening” “Is that an extra question to be added to the total?” replied Queen. “You’re quite cantankerous this lovely evening, did your cubs bite you on the butt?” “I’m quite well mannered always” was Queen’s regal answer. “What I’m wondering Queen, why do you wolves and the moon have such a favorable relationship,” Viejo was not quite finished with the interrogation but Queen met his inquires with an affable gaze. “It was a long time ago” Queen went on, “wolves were new, the moon was new and even earth was new. The moon was to be the light for earth’s evenings but found he could not always comply, his face being obscured by earth’s shadow at times and other times by clouds. We, of the wolf clan, see well at night, being adept in darkness and we agreed to see to the duties of that darkness; the payment for this service, which the moon will provide, is our lighted and beamed path to the stars when the time comes for us to return to our celestial home.”
While Queen related her story, she and Viejo glided through the moon dappled wood and flowers, their dew glistening as sapphires and emeralds, sparkling under Moon’s graceful fingers of light, falling on wild bell heather and Iris. A night owl greeted them, WHO,?WHO? —- “no Minerva, not who, just we two,” corrected Viejo. The moon was full of himself that night, polished and bright. His beams pearly and falling upon them with translucent brilliance, but Queen said she must take her leave, the babies await their midnight feed. As Queen trotted into the gloom of the forest, not a moment later Viejo heard a sharp crack that bore no relation to nature’s sounds confirming to Viejo it was the crack of a devil’s gun which had found its mark. 
A red blossom filled queen’s lovely white fur and she breathed erratically. “Please please warn King, Viejo. The cubs must have care. Look to the sky. The sky will tell the story, Viejo, King will know.” Viejo had never in his life shed a tear but now found his face wet, the drops falling on Queen’s silvery fur. 
Moon too gazed upon the scene and his face contorted into a mask of pain as grief caused his glowing visage to turn crimson. The falling droplets fell on the poppies staining them red, as they would remain evermore.
The moonbeams glistened as their pearls formed a stairway and the outline began to glow, Queen turned to look down but then faded and was seen no more. 
The greatest constellation in the night sky is Sirius, named for wolves, and at its center is a QUEEN who honors her fallen brethren with the brightest starlight ever seen🌖🌟

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