The most common reasons the human race gives for justifying the consumption of other animals:
Animals kill each other

God told humans they could eat animals

There are climates where plants won’t grow

I like meat

I need it for health 
It does not matter that animals kill each other. Of course they do. Human animals kill each other, does that mean you may eat them too? Whenever a human being displays sociopathic behavior towards animals, it is always tied to something this psychopath may do to fellow humans. “He kills and mutilates animals, so the next step is people”. It is never enough that an animal was killed, there must be a human that such a projection can be imposed upon before an act like this has validity. This goes to the speciesist nature of the human race, believing their lives have a value outweighing that of other animals.

The business of God having directed them to feed off flesh is a late comer in the philosophy of Man. Humans were once prey themselves and as such were grain and fruit eaters. As they became more technically advanced and were able to kill without being killed, they became carnivorous, a practice early humans observed in other animals, even though human physiology was not designed for such a diet. Has anyone noted a horse feeding off a cow? Don’t laugh, why not? The horse is smart enough to know it would make him sick.

Climates often preclude growing grains, fruits and nuts, so therefore we eat meat, proclaimed mankind! This old excuse is still in effect and used. The best answer is Then don’t go there. If climate is the limiting factor, then people were not meant to be there. Animals of planet earth follow this dictum. Why can’t people? Is there any wonder there is a population overload? The problems this is causing are leading to the extinction of planet earth.

Those who say “I like meat and won’t give it up” are merely amoral, selfish brutes worthy of consideration. Their wants and needs are brazenly out of place on a planet that is being decimated by the likes of them servicing their wants and needs!

As for the misguided who think meat promotes health, their foolishness will do them in before they can reach the correct conclusion about meat. It is, in fact, killing them, high cholesterol, clogged arteries, various cancers, including the very common colon cancer. The animals they are eating will have the last laugh.

This says nothing about the large portions of earth given over to growing feed for food animals themselves, who also contribute to pollution of the atmosphere from their bodily emissions, which create greenhouse gasses.
As for cannibalism, prehistoric man did indulge in some forms of this meat consumption, not the outright killing of a desired meat object, but consumption of the dead, but generally speaking, widespread eating of their own kind was unacceptable. This proscription to cannibalism was simply preservation of the species. You did not eat that proteinacious sack of meat next door because you might need his help for your own survival. Even if this was not the case, your neighbor was recognized as being like you and like does not eat like, the same reason other animals have for not consuming their own kind. They might fight to the death but the loser is not on the menu. There are big cats (probably other animals too), who, when an offspring dies, will eat it, not for nourishment, but taking it back to where it came from, inside the mother, a form of ritualistic behavior as a way of finalizing the death and preventing predation by other animals of a beloved but lifeless being. A strong bond between an animal mother and her offspring is not quickly erased by death.
In any case, an interdiction of cannibalism did not originate from Christianity or any other religious philosophies, but out of necessity, long before there was a bible or formal religion.

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