The ill-informed are causing the death of a planet. Or perhaps the planet

itself refuses to just outright die, but is arranging for its inhabitants to 

buzz off! People say things like “I believe in climate change, or I do not 

believe, it’s a hoax”…etc etc. It does not matter what they believe or 

don’t believe, what they go along with or don’t, because when the point 

of no return is reached, beliefs will not make a difference one way or 

another. The fact is, humans are digging their own graves by their actions 

but it will be Nature who pushes them in.
Nature has a way of solving problems created by human beings, with 

such things as earthquakes, weather catastrophes, disease epidemics, 

cometary and other cosmic incidents and to date in the human era, these

events have not been extreme enough to cause extinction of the human 

race. However, it may be assumed that this Mother is winding up to full

strength for an onslaught that will send the troublesome human 

creatures rolling, they are becoming a bit too rambunctious for Mother’s 

If humans keep on keepin’ on, there might be a surprise waiting for 

them one of these days. The last near miss was in July, 2012 when a CME 

missed earth by a gnat’s eyelash. Had it hit, we would not be worried 

about global warming, supposing there was anyone left to worry about it.

This was deliberately not given widespread notice by the media. The

feeling being that it would incite panic. CME’s you see, are common, but

their directions are not easily predictable.
Has anyone noticed Mars or Venus lately? Great examples of cosmic

catastrophes involving atmospheric burn-off on Mars; and in the case of

Venus, greenhouse gasses creating a thick carbon dioxide layer, holding 

its heat, turning it into Hell. These planets were once very like Earth; did 

they also at one time have some sort of life that became a liability?

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